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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Hangovers

Don't miss this hard rocking mother fucker, compliments of John N......The Hangovers' 2016 release "Take As Needed" is a badass release, for any headbangers out there (like, well, me?)......sounds like maybe the Ramones cross-bred with Motorhead, or something like that, if you can imagine......this will crush your skull, so be advised before checking this one, it's not for the kiddies.......

TAKE AS NEEDED-01 Intro/02 lying Awake/03 She Don't Know Me/04 I'm the One/05 See You In Hell/06 Nine Miles/07 bring Out Your Dead/08 Go Like Hell/09 Refreschca/10 Jesus Saves/11 Don't Wanna Know/12 Winning For

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