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Monday, September 5, 2016

Found another Candy Snatchers EP

Little info available on this one, but I did locate an EP from The Candy Snatchers entitled "Takin' a Ride".....I don't really remember listening to it before, but while I posting Candy Snatchers' stuff, I may as well post this one too........lemme know what you think about both of these Candy Snatchers posts, it's important to me that I know what is popular here, and what is not.

TAKIN A RIDE-01 Takin a Ride/02 (I'm a) Bastard/03 Ass, Gas, or Crack/04 Out of My Mind/05 Black Betty/06 Shit City



  2. Love the Candy Snatchers! They were one of the most insane and dangerous live bands ever. Blood flying everywhere. Literally. Now Larry has a band in Brooklyn, Born Loose, who are almost as crazy.... More Snatchers would always be nice- Thanks!