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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gina Says No

I have never heard of this band, I assume they are new as I can find little to no info on them, other than they are from Australia, and their album is called "Receiving Signals In Three Minutes"......I liked it enough to post here, fairly smooth, fairly rocking alternapop/rock, not a bad album at all, the tracks "Midas Touch" and "Getting Sober" stand out as do some others. As a warning, I know NOTHING about this crew, thus, you know what I always say about new releases.....they either want them pulled at once (NOT a problem, just contact me), or they love they exposure.......ya never know, but if this is of interest to you, perhaps you may wish to act quickly, just saying.......I thought this was a pretty good one, myself, nothing spectacular, but good enough for a listen or two.

RECEIVING SIGNALS IN THREE MINUTES-01 Midas Tough/02 Getting Sober/03 The Good Life/04 Today/05 Don't Leave Me Breathless/06 Still In Flames/07 On the Mend/08 The Truth/09 Save Your Breath/10 Losing Belief

By the way, this is a John N submission, like so many other posts here are.....thanks again John N!



  2. Austria, not Australia :)

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