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Friday, September 2, 2016

Glam Skanks

So, what do we make of this? John N sends me this current (July 2016) release from this bunch, yes,
REALLY called the "Glam Skanks".......from LA and HARD to gather much info on, this is an all chick band that plays some pretty cool punk/glitter/glam stuff, it sounds really good, now, whether they are attempting to be ironic/satirical is anyone's guess......but, as with so many bands of the past, (better bands than THIS too, by far, Blue Oyster Cult, Soundgarden, Wolfmother, and others walked the line between simply great rocking shit and, on another level, satiric shit that made it all that much better for all of you intellectuals)......I have no idea of their intent, but judging from the album cover, song titles, music, I'm guessing this is supposed to be funny.....I hope so, because it is.

This just may make my 2016 year end list, you never know.......not a musical classic, by any means, but as a weird parody of the music on which I grew up, it hits the spot.....and if that is not deliberate, the end result is, it doesn't's still hard rocking and great to listen to.

Check this one. Retro-1970's glam/punk slammers, tunes like "Fuck Off", "Bad Bitch", and "Blow Me" (?) pretty much summarize what you are in for here. Anyway I found it fun to listen to, you may as well. All hail Glam Skanks I guess, the next truly great rock band of our era (no not REALLY)

GLITTER CITY-01 G.L.A.M./02 Teenage Drag Queen/03 Glitter City/04 Tube Tops/05 Fuck Off/06 Karma/07 Bad Bitch/08 Radio Blues/09 I Want It Now/10 Blow Me

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