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Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Wands

(scott)-found cool EP in my email last week, from Danish psych outfit The Wands, which was, of c ourse sent to me by the link king of the universe, John N. This is a new (fairly) release, so you know what I always say/think about those, but, really, if you are a fan of the spacey, trippy sounds of real psychedelic music (actually a fine blending of the old school sounds and modern day psych) I think you will really like this one, I did. Was not familiar with the band prior to this, but I'd say simply based off of this EP they might merit further investigation. As usual a good share from John N

FACES EP-01 Living the Dream/02 Faces/03 Cosmic Sinner/04 Out of Fever/05 Between Heavens/06 Outro

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