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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Descendents Part 2

Another stack of discs from the legendary Descendents, nothing as stunning as "Milo Goes To College", but
still some some solid shit from these California goofball/punks, the obvious "fathers" of bands like Green Day , Offspring, and Blink 182.....perhaps yesterday's stuff was enough for you (although, make no mistake, "Milo Goes to College" is essential), the band is one of those, whom, if you are not a 'fan" a little can go quite a ways, but I really do like these discs, the live stuff is good, all in all, they were a solid band who remained true to their convictions. Good stuff which deserves to be resurrected and properly documented.

And of course, thanks to John N for this thorough and totally fab submission!

ALL-01 All/02 Coolidge/03 No, All!/04 Van/05 Cameage/06 Impressions/07 Iceage/08 Jealous of the World/09 Clean Sheets/10 Pep Talk/11 All-O-Gistics/12 Schizophrenia/13 Uranus

EVERYTHING SUCKS-01 Everything Sux/02 I'm the One/03 Coffee Mug/04 Rotting Out/05 Sick-O-Me/06 Caught/07 When I Get Old/08 Doghouse/09 She Loves Me/10 Hateful Notebook/11 We/12 Eunuch Boy/13 This Place/14 I Wont Let Me/15 Thank You/16 Grand Theme

COOL TO BE YOU-01 Talking/02 Nothing With You/03 She Don't Care/04 'merican/05 Dog and Pony
Show/06 Blast Off/07 Dreams/08 Cool to Be You/09 Maddie/10 Mass Nerder/11 One More Day/12 Tack/13 Anchor Grill/14 Dry Spell

1987 LIVEAGE MINNEAPOLIS1 All/02 I'm Not a Loser/03 Silly Girl/04 I Wanna Be a Bear/05 Coolidge/06 Weinerschnitzel/07 I Don't Want To Grow Up/08 Kids/09 Wendy/10 Get the Time/11 Descendents/12 Sour Graps/13 All-O-Gistics/14 Myage/15 My Dad Sucks/16 Van/17 Subuurban Home/18 Hope/19 Clean Sheets/20 Pervert

HALLRAKER-LIVE BERKELY/MINNEAPOLIS 1987-01 Global Probing/02 My World/03 Hul rtin' Crul e/04 Hey Hey/05Kabuki Girl/All/06 Pep Talk/07 Jealous of the World/08 Christmas Vacation/09 I Like Food/10 Ice Man/11 Good Good Things/12 Cheer/13 Rockstar/14 No FB/15 Cameage

More to come, hopefully over the weekend we'll knock this one out. Another good one from the vaults of
John N, you guys and myself owe him a LOT for his magnificent submissions.


  1. ALL





  2. lmk if you need some bootleg stuff. and don't forget the other band ALL who have some great stuff too or milo's side college band Milestone.

  3. Lewdd-fuck yeah that's why we are here.....all the stuff you mention sounds like wonderful additions. Whenever you can spare the time, send us whatever you wish and we will get it right up......may as well mention that if anyone wishes to share links, please don't post them in the comments section , rather email them to way I can write it up as a post and far far more people will see it as opposed to the handful that would see it if posted with the comments. Look forward to the submission Lewdd, sounds great, thanks in advance