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Monday, September 5, 2016

THREE tremendous Studkid posts for your Labor Day!

(scott)-first of all, we have these way cool selections from Golden Dawn Arkestra and Goat....I am a bit
familiar with both, not terribly though, and I plan on listening to these today and tomorrow......both highly influenced by Sun Ra, accoarding to Mr. Studkid, and there cannot be too much wrong with THAT right?

Sun Ra (Jazz composer with theatrical performances) has a big impact of these two bands: Golden Dawn Arkestra and Goat. They do not play jazz but two different direction of afrobeat.

Golden Dawn Arkestra is an Austin psychedelic afrobeat collective. Style is Rock, Big Band and Disco.

Golden Dawn Arkestra - Ep (2014)          :!blBVnTIK!qJKP0Zu7urTRWHHNH-Ct7A
Golden Dawn Arkestra - Stargazer (2015):!ahIWgL7D!eo7bo8u58u9ayZ6FrxYy2w

Goat is a swedish band playing a psychedelic/acid afrobeat rock wirh elements of world music.

Goat - World Music (2012)                      :!SohlmIrZ!yIJUNUO6fOXB5lSclnohfw
Goat - Live Ballroom Ritual (2013)           :!mwwAhbaa!3ZTFewmljS1w168FZu2kwg
Goat - Commune (2014)                         :!CogUFC7R!VW-dWRGhmeOuzX8dH9BM1w

I recommend to listen to Commune, great psychedelic record.

(scott) Great submission Studkid, keep it up!....(btw his two next posts
(see above) are every bit as fab!)

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