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Monday, September 5, 2016

Yesterday's Children

(scott)-Ya know, I wouldn't post so many albums if everyone didn't send me so many GREAT ones that I think you need to hear/have......Another from John N, this is a PURE classic, ca.1969-70, Yesterday's Children's sole LP release......psych/garage/with a nod toward the coming heavy psych scene, this is a sort of hard one to locate, and is worth every second one searches for it. This is a DAMN good find, thanks a million to John N for this one, it's really great. "She's Easy" is the obvious highlight, but don't be fooled there are LOTS more!

YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-01 Paranoia/02 Sad Born Loser/03 What Of I/04 She's Easy/05 Sailing/06 Providence Bummer/07 Evil Woman/08 Hunter's Moon



  2. dug this one good already got it from tz for anyone not familiar an awesome blog with eclectic taste.