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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beatles and Stones cover Chuck Berry

Stumbled over this one while looking for something else, pretty sure I've never put this one up before......title
is pretty self-explanatory, track list below will be more so......this is a good collection, enjoy.

BEATLES AND ROLLING STONES COVER CHUCK BERRY-(Tracks 1-15 The Rolling Stones)-01 Come On/02 Around and Around/03 Talkin' About You/04 You Can't Catch Me/05 Beautiful Delilah/06 Carol/07 Reelin' and Rockin'/08 Route 66/09 Roll Over Beethoven/10 Don't Lie to Me/11 Memphis Tennessee/12 Down the Road/13 Bye Bye Johnny/14 Let it Rock (Live)/15 Bye Bye Johnny (Live)/16 (Tracks 16-24 The Beatles) 16 Rock and Roll Music/17 Roll Over Beethoven/18 Too Much Monkey Buisness/19 Johnny B Goode/20 I Got To Find My Baby/21 Memphis Tennessee/22 I'm About You/23 Sweet Little Sixteen/24 Rock and Roll music (Live)/25 KEITH RICHARDS-Run Run Rudolph/26 JOHN LENNON-You Can't Catch Me/27 JOHN LENNON-Sweet Little Sixteen/28 GEORGE HARRISON-Roll Over Beethoven



  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Mark in Virginia