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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Really wish I had the rest of the stuff from this Australian early 1970's hard rock/metal band, a couple of
good albums here for you to examine though. There 1972 debut, "Dead Forever" is one I thought I had around here somewhere, but simply cannot find it, worth seeking out (and, no doubt, worth sharing if you have one)......"Volcanic Rock", however, from 1973 is a sort of unearthed treasure, another tremendous example of the crazy-great heavy psych of the early 70's that I love so much......reminds me maybe slightly of Captain Beyond's first album, if you need a reference point.

They followed up with "I Only Want You For Your Body",  which shows a move away from the prog/psych influences in the band's first two (the first in particular) albums, toward heavier, harder-rocking material.....this is a good effort as well, although I will take "Volcanic Rock" given the choice (they are quite different albums, and both are very good)......

They also apparently seem to have released a self titled EP that I have never seen, or heard of, until just this minute, so if anyone happens to have a copy of THAT, please share that as well......this was an underappreciated hard rocking band from an era that was simply LOADED with underappreciated hard rocking bands, great stuff, you'll see, and you also will want to hear the rest of their stuff.

The band was singer Dave Tice, guitarist John Baxter, bassist Peter Wells, and drummer Jimmy Economou. They also released a couple of later albums, with a bit of lineup shifting, which I am going to guess suck, but you never can tell.

VOLCANIC ROCK-01 Sunrise (Come My Way)/02 Freedom/03 Till My Death/04 The Prophet/05 (i) Intro: Pound of Flesh/06 (ii) Shylock

ONLY WANT YOU FOR YOUR BODY-01 I'm a Skirt Lifter, Not a Shirt Raiser/02 I'm Coming On/03 Dune Messiah/04 Stay With Me/05 What's Going On/06 Kings Cross Ladies/07 United Nations




  2. Listening now! Volcanic Rock is great.