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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Doors Part 23 (of many)

This one is kind of lame, actually, but I'm putting forth an effort to put up EVERYTHING in this file, and, there is still a bit left........this is the easilly available "Essential Rarities", released ca. 2000.......nothing REALLY spectacular here, but likely it is the sole source of availability for some of the tracks here, thus making its inclusion somewhat necessary.....for what it's worth I think that the version here of "The End" is one of the better ones of that often recorded classic.

ESSENTIAL RARITIES-01 Hello to the Cities (Live)/02 Break on Through (Live)/03 Roadhouse Blues (Live)/04 Hyacinth House/05 Who Scared You/06 Whiskey, Mystics, and Men/07 I Will Never Be Untrue (Live)/08 Moonlight Drive (demo)/09 Queen of the Highway (Alternate Version)/10 Someday Soon (Live)/11 Hello I Love You (demo)/12 Someday Soon (Live)/13 The Soft Parade (Live)/14 The End (Live)/15 Woman Is a Devil (outtake)


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