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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Descendents part 1

I was going to hold off on this for a while, but, really, now is as good a time as any......of course you
know the Descendents and thier had/fast/witty hard punk, they created, of course, one absolutely classic punk disc, "Milo Goes to College", which is included here. The thing is, almost every note they ever created was sent to me by John N, some great, some sgood, some, well, you know.....anyway, they have a fairly sizeable body of work, so we'll get started here......short albums, short songs, small files, but still gonna take a couple or three posts. All good anyway, the Descendents deserve to be immortalized here. Thanks John N, very thorough work!

ENJOY!-01 Enjoy/02 Wendy/03 Kids/04 Hul rtin Crul e/05 Sour Grapes/06 Get the Time/07 Orgofart/08 Cheer/09 80's Girl/10 Green/11 Days Are Blood/12 Orgo 51

I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP-01 Descendents/02 I Don't Want To Grow Up /03 Pervert/04 Rockstar/05 No FB/06 Can't Go Back/07 GCF/08 My World/09 Theme/10 Silly Girl/11 In Love This Way/12 Christmas Vacation/13 Good Good Thing/14 Ace

MILO GOES TO COLLEGE-01 Myage/02 I Wanna Be a Bear/03 I'm
Not a Loser/04 Parents/05 Tonyage/06 M 16/07 I'm Not a Punk/08 Catalina/09 Suburban Home/10 Statue of Liberty/11 Kabuki Girl/12 Marriage/13 Hope/14 Bikeage/15 Jean Is Dead

LOTS more Descendents to come, and I do mean prepared.


  1. ENJOY


    I DONT

  2. Doesn't get any better than these guys. Saw them at Punk Rock Bowling in NJ this Summer and I am going to see them in Philly in a month. I can't wait. I bought ever color vinyl version of the new release. Helping Milo to put his kids thru college ;).