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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bram Tchiaikovsky

This one comes from Jonder's recent list of his favorite albums when I requested people submit their personal lists......and since he made me a waaaaay cool "Forever Changes" cover project, the least I can do is post this disc, I had forgotten about it, but it is a power-popping gem from that great year of 1979 ("The dudes are sharp, the ladies are fine, we are the Class of........well, you get the idea)....

I'm not really familiar with his body of work, BUT, I did play the shit out of this album back in the early 80's......"Strange Man, Changed Man" still sounds great today ("Girl of My Dreams" is still a wonderous single, one of the best of the era, and one which is criminally under-comped
)......another fun fact was that Trouser Press magazine sent this album out, WITH A BLANK LABEL, to subscribers for them to do a blind review. I was one of those subscribers. I never wrote the review. I suspect drugs may have been involved.

Still, a finsd, semi-forgotten album, and a wondeful slice of the great sounds of 1979......Jonder may check in, I am guessing, to tell you MORE about how fab this disc is, and it really is. If you are not familiar, well, you should be!! 

Long Live 1979!

01 Robber/02 Strange Man, Changd Man/03 Lonely Dance/04 I'm the One that's Leaving You/05 Girl Of My Dreams/06 Bloodline/07 Nobody Knows/08 Lady From the USA/09 I'm a Believer/10 Sara Smiles/11 Turn On the Light



  2. There is a long discussion of this album on Willard's Wormholes, and I will refrain from geeking out here about how much I adore this record... The band never topped it, and if you like power pop it really is a must. One of my favorite things about this record is that the bass is HUGE, as in Motorhead level. Some complain that the record is too trebly, but you can't really make everything louder than everything else, and the massed layers of power chords and vocal harmonies make this as close to perfect as any record I own. BTW the band name was the nickname that Peter Bramall got when he was in The Motors back in the pub rock days. A lot of pub rockers became power poppers: Nick Lowe, The Records, etc.

    I've blabbed on much longer than I intended, but Scott you have always been great about giving your guests a soapbox to stand on. Thank you! PS I used to read Trouser Press too!