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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Bit of Poly Styrene

Late of X-Ray Spex, Poly Styrene put out a decent album or two after that band called it a day.....what we have here is "Translucence", I post this because it is SO UNLIKE anything from X-Ray Spex that you won't believe it's the same chick.......(seems a lot of chicks take this route, after getting out of a punk band, they tend to go the dance-groove-route.....ok by me, any reason for women to shake their asses is going to meet with MY approval......

"Translucence" was a pretty fair disc, released 1980 as the punk wave was dying down.....artists were definitely trying to find other directions to turn themselves, and Poly did ok for herself (if you don't recall her work in X-Ray Spex, she really WAS a skilled vocalist)......

Not a bad album at all.......hell, it was the early 80's and the music scene was ALL KINDS OF fucked up....(I'll never forget one year in the early 80's, "Trouser Press" picked "nothing" as their choice for "Album of the Year".....I congratulated them for their balls at the time and continue to today)....

This is a semi-lost post punk-"sort of" gem.......typlifies the early 80's for certain, and no question you can hear the X-Ray Spex/punk influences in her singing......all in all, I WOULD recommend this one, it MIGHT not be "for you", but it kind of reminds of of the work of Spinnerette, who had previously sang for the Distillers......something like that.......pretty good stuff though, you may wish to enter here and check this.

TRANSLUCENCE-01 Dreaming/02 Toytown/03 Sky Diver/04 Day That Time Forgot/05 Shades/06 Essence/07 Hip City/08 Bicycle Song/09 Sub-Tropical/10 Translucence/11 Age/12 Goodbye

Pretty good, and almost totally forgotten album......give it a listen, this is NOT a bad album, not at all...

Please, would the Big Man post something that sucked? Well, yes, if I thought it was funny.....never mind.


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  2. I just picked up a reissue of X-Ray Spex Germ Free Adolescents LP in Chicago this past weekend.