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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Late Show

Well, I have a minute or two left, before I gotta go, so why not stay in that 80's power-pop thing I've been mired in for a little bit? This is The Late Show, with their album "Portable Pop", another overlooked CD from that era.......this is a good one, crispy clean power pop, if you've liked the others I've posted, it'll be great by you, I've got a LOT more of this stuff, so we'll see where I go from here, but for now, you would be in error should you not check this one out, it's a good one!

PORTABLE POP-01 Take a Chance/02 Stop/03 I Won't Play the Clown/04 Action Speaks Louder Than Words/05 What Can I Do/06 Hey Sue/07 Look Who's Laughing Now/08 Judy/09 Protect Your Love/10 So Happy/11 Won't Mind Waiting/12 Just a Matter of Time

I never really thought I'd trot all of these albums out, but since I have, PLEASE take advantage!



  2. thanks for sharing - i never know what will be up here, but it's always interesting!