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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Young Summer

This is one of those submissions that occasionally turns up in my email, from Nancy Lu, who sends a lot of
stuff like this......not really sure, haven't indulged yet, some is streaming, some is downloadable, but you know I ALWAYS support bands that send me stuff......check it, ignore it, do what you need to, I have a few more of THESE type of posts backed up in my files as well.....thought this one sounded fairly interesting, do as you feel is right by you!

Young Summer
+ "You Would Have Loved It Here" EP out 10/28
+ Premiered with The Wild Magazine

Washington, DC's Young Summer continues to prove she's got a penchant for writing lyrically rousing songs that linger in your head until the very last note. It's beautifully textured moody indie pop paired with emotive songwriting - ballads perfect for the cooler fall weather. 

Ahead of her "You Would Have Loved It Here" EP release this Friday, Young Summer shares an exclusive stream of six-track collection with The Wild Magazine. The latest single "Heart In Slo Mo" is crystalline, pool-blue indie pop perfection with Young Summer's strikingly wistful vocals. 

Pre-order the EP on iTunes or Amazon to get "Alright," “Fallout” and the newSINGLE “Echo” instantly.

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Young Summer - You Would Have Loved It Here EP Tracklist:
Pre-order the EP on iTunes or Amazon
1. You Would HaveLOVED It Here 
2. Alright
3. Echo
4. Heart In Slo Mo
5. Fallout
6. Paused Parade
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