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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Winery Dogs

Just tripped on this while blindly looking through some stuff, this is some so-so retro 70's hard rock outta New York City.......nothing destined for "classic" status here, I'm afraid, but if, like me, you just like to listen to some hard rock n roll once in a while, this is worth a spin. The Winery Dogs consist of Richie Kotzen on vocals, guitar, keyboards, and percussion, Mike Portnoy on drums, and Billy Sheehan on bass. This was their second effort, "Hot Streak".......worth a listen.

HOT STREAK-01 Oblivion/02 Captain Love/03 Hot Streak/04 How Long/05 Empire/06 Fire/07 Ghost Town/08 The Bridge/09 War Machine/10 Spiral/11 Devil You Know/12 Think it Over/13 The Lamb

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