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Friday, October 21, 2016


OK, last one for today, I don't know if I'll hit you up over the weekend or not, Madame Angela is singing in the finals of the competition she was in last week (and OF COURSE, the Vikings are playing, geez).....anyway, let me give you one more fab album to set your weekend RIGHT......John N (who else?) sends me "In My Head" from Gurr, who are a tremendous chick duo from Germany (certainly you know by now my weakness for chick bands/duos/singers whatever)....

This is a REALLY good one, I mean "don't miss".......great songs, very well done, yet another one that might just make my year-end list (we'll see)........really well done, sort of Sleater-Kinney-ish, but still REALLY good, this one I recommend you check out, it's damn good!

 IN MY HEAD-01 Breathless/02 #1985/03 Moby Dick/04 Walnuss/05 Yosemite/06 Free/07 Klartraum/08 Rollerskate/09 Diamonds/10 Computer Love/11 Song For Mildred

Personally I REALLY REALLY liked this one, if any of you are foolish enough to respect my personal opinions on stuff.......really though, I totally DO think this is a bad ass release, never even HEARD OF Gurr, but I've quickly become a fan....excellent album in my estimation



    hey, Bigscott here......DO NOT be a loser and miss this one, it's fucking excellent IMO......just listened to it again and it's really a poor-man's Sleater Kinney kind of thing.....awesome to me and do not ask me for it three years from now!

  2. Agreed, this is great stuff. Thanks, John N!

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  4. Oh my! I got their hit right here. I dare you to listen and not download the entire album.