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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Honeyblood, a fantastic submission from John N

Really like this one, you all know my love of chick rock, of course, and this duo from Glasgow Scotland

bring the goods, big time.......again, SOMEWHAT Sleater Kinney influenced, but not exactly.......this new album "Babes Never Die" is near-certain year end material, and can hardly wait to check out the 2014 debut. Honeyblood are Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale (vocal, guitar) and Shona McVicar (drums, vocals)....."Babes Never Die" is a fab album, really good songs, well presented, well performed, what can I say? You want this one, boyo, and LIKELY their previous release......."Sea Hearts", "Love is a Disease", the hard rocking "Justine, Misery Queen" are all fab and that is only the start.......great album, and I'm hoping the debut is half as good....a new release, so you know what I MEAN by THAT, and especially in this case, I'd hate to have this one pulled before you folks got your mitts on this one, it's GOOD!

HONEYBLOOD-01 Fall Forever/02 Super Rat/03 (I'd Rather Be) Anywhere but Here/04 Bud/05 Killer Bangs/06 Biro/07 Choker/08 No Spare Key/09 Joey/10 Fortune Cookie/11 All Dragged Up/12 Braid Burn Valley

BABES NEVER DIE-01 Intro/02 Babes Never Die/03 Ready For the Magic/04 Sea Hearts/05 Love is a Disease/06 Walking at Midnight/07 Justine, Misery Queen/08 Sister Wolf/09 Hey, Stellar/10 Cruel Kids/11 Gangs/12 Outro

I like this one, all I can say......John N has turned me on to more music than anyone since Marshall Phillips 40 years ago (you'd have to look up a super old post to see who THAT late great is), but I do feel indebted to John N (AND everyone else) for all the new sounds for us all to discover!


  1. honeyblood 2014

    babes never die

  2. I had no idea of their new one coming out! Their debut album was in my Top 5 most played albums in 2014. It's SOLID! Their videos are good, too.