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Friday, October 21, 2016


Grobschnitt  was one of those legenedary krautrock band of the early-mid 70's, I love that music BUT my collection is somewhat lacking.......anyone wanna help out? for Grobschnitt, I have but this single release (it IS a great one), 1978's incredible "Solar Music Live".....a really fab album, of course you need to be a Krautrock fan, but trust me, this one will make your weekend more pleasant......

Is there anyone out there, in the UK or elsewhere, who has a giant stash of 70's krautrock? Just curious, I'd like a krautrock "go to" submitter, as my collection is "minimal" (probably less than 1000 discs!)....let me know if you wish to be like Cliff (the reggae king) or some of the others.....I love that damn mid-70's krautrock (Jane and Krokodil are my faves, but I love it all) and if you are expert and have a large stash, and want to be part of the team here, PLEASE let me know, this is an area I'd love to venture into, but my stash of material is NOT as great as it could be.

SOLAR MUSIC LIVE-01 Solar Music I/02 Food Sicore/03 Solar Music II/04 Mulheim Special/05 Otto Pankrock/06 Golden Mist/07 Solar Music III



  2. everything is here: