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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Checkers

Some fairly unknown power-pop from 2004, The Checkers.......a good ol' USA band, pretty damned good for as unknown as they seem to be......good stuff here, and we've had a lot of calls for more of the obscure power pop......well, here is some!

MAKE A MOVE-01 Is He In?/02 The Nerve/03 You Don't Wanna Know/04 Observer/05 Seeing Spots/06 Bad Girl/07 Fanatic/08 User/09 Fugly/10 Never Again/11 Untitled

I know I didn't go into too much detail here, but I am trying to get a bunch of shit put up today....The Checkers were a fab power-popping band, AND fairly unknown, so that should be right up the alley of some of the minions here!

Good album, trust me if you had doubts!



  2. hei big scott just finalli listened to the checkers as i fixed it into mi sistem. The track list was out bi one song as one track onli 9 seconds garbage but #11 was #10 etc going backwards. Thanks immenseli for this though. An easi fix for a sweet little album. Would never ever have crossed mi path except for this amazing blog. Please don't ever give up & make sure there's a succession plan :) Mega Thanx to all the Scottish Friends who contribute here.