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Monday, October 17, 2016

Jensen Interceptor

OK, one more for today....honestly I have so many albums I wish to post, but I'd RATHER post the submitted I am right now going to put up another of my fave 1980's new wave type album, "Cosmetics" from Jenson Interceptor.......this is a really good one, as we try to span ALL eras of the music I grew up on and grew old on, during those strange 1980's, when I personally thought music was dying (I was wrong), this album I did has since faded into history, more or less, but it IS a really good early 80's new wave kinda likely will enjoy it if you are a power-pop fan, a 1980' new wave fan, or  a fan of chick-fronted bands.......imo it's really a forgotten and underappreciated disc, see what you may think about it.

COSMETICS-01 Pull Me/02 Telephone Love/03 Distance From Singapore/04 You're No Good/05 Stop!/06 In Between /07 Love on the Late Show/08 Rock Room/09 Butterfly Love



  2. A band from Edmonton, Alberta. I believe this was their second release.