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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tim Buckley

OK, my bad, one way or the seemed to me like John N had sent me a BUNCH of Tim Buckley....well, either (1) I was confused, or (2) I lost them, and both of those would be highly possible.....I have no copy of "Hello/Goodbye" or whatever it's called, and would love a share.......what John N DID share for certain is this Rhino release, with a good bit of Buckley stuff for all of ya waiting for a fix......2 discs of good stuff, hope ya enjoy, and I'll try to put together a proper Buckley post soon......

so here is what we have here: the first (?) disc of this 1965 set, if there are moer parts out there, let m know, I am FAR from a Buckley expert......

01 I Can't See You/02 Wings/03 Song of the Magician/04 Strange Street Affair Under Blue/05 Valentine Melody/06 Aren't You the Girl/07 Song Slowly Song/08 It Happens Every Time/09 Song For Janie/10 Grief in My Soul/11 She Is/12 Understand Your Man/13 I Can't See You (mono)/14 Wings (mono)/15 Song of the magician (mono)/16 Strange Street Affair Under Blue (mono)/17 Valentine Melody (mono)/18 Aren't You the Girl (mono)/19 Song Slowly Song (mono)/20 It Happens Ever Time (mono)/21 Song For Janie (Mono)/22 Grief in my Soul (mono)/23 She Is (Mono)/24 Understand Your Man (Mono)


  1. Part 1

    Part 2


  2. OOOH, this isn't the 5CD box set, it's the RHINO 2CD reissue of the 1st eponymous CD with mono/stereo mixes + demos and alternate versions!!????

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