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Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to Madame Angela!

Today, October 24, 1 week before Halloween, marks the 43rd birthday of my favorite witch, and also my favorite smoking hot lover-babe, Madame Angela.....I like birthday posts, I've done a few of them over the years, either posting a person's fave album, or one I know they will like......

This is a favorite of Angie's, a two-disc Tori Amos set, "To Venus and Back" disc is a fine live set, the other a set of studio work, highly experimental an electronic (for Tori)......I really like this set, especially the live stuff, and Tori Amos is perhaps my love's very favorite......we'll be doing a comprehensive Tori Amos post (with ALL her albums, boots, rarities and the like, somewhat soon, but, of course, those take time and work, but it's coming....

In the meantime, first of all, I hope you DO enjoy Angie's sort-of eccentric music selections (many seem to, The Singling Bowls, Chanting Monks, and some of the Native American stuff has been hit pretty hard, and she has LOTS of more stuff, relative to her lifestyle and beliefs......for now though, she LOVES some Tori Amos, and I always have as well, though not to the same degree.  This is a good set though, Tori comes through as a dynamic live performer (not exactly her reputation) on the live disc, which has, among other gems, stellar versions of "Cornflake Girl" , "Mr. Zebra", and lots more of her unique song stylings.

Happy birthday Madame Angela. I love you dearly, thank you for all you have done for me (not least of which includes saving my life) and I so look forward to the rest of our lives together. Consider this post just a small gift in your honor, I hope some of the rest of you like it as well, it's a good one, and for the uninitiated, a warm up for the "BIG" Tori post coming soon(er or later, maybe after layoff, we shall see).

Happy Birthday Angie, I love you!

Disc 1 (Venus:Orbiting)-01 Bliss/02 Juarez/03 Concertina/04 Glory of the 80's/05 Lust/06 Suede/07 Josephine/08 Riot Proof/09 Datura/10 Spring Haze/11 1000 Oceans

Disc 2 (Still Orbiting)-01 Precious Things/02 Cruel/03 Cornflake Girl/04 Bells For Her/05 Girl/06 Cooling/07 Mr. Zebra/08 Cloud on My Tongue/09 Sugar/10 Little Earthquakes/11 Space Dog/12 Waitress/13 Purple People

You never know what you might find on here, which is the direction I TRY to take the blog in......GOD what a miserable football weekend for a Vikings/Ohio State fan..........uuuuuurrrrrrrr........Cubs/Tribe is like a dream come through World Series though.....who is your pick? I'd favor the Cubs BUT, I just have a feeling they are gonna "pull a Cubs" prediction: Tribe in 7 games.......I love baseball so I welcome all other predictions here......if you get it right I'll fill a request for you or something.......I guess......


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  2. Happy Birthday to Angela!And congrats for finding her,Mr. Big Scott!

  3. Or congratulations on being found bai her. Madame Angela has great taste to love Tori Amos. I've been a fan of Tori's since Little Earthquakes came out. i didn't know about her at the time but for mai 18th birthdai mai two (male) older flatmates each bought me a cd. One gave me the Tori Amos & the other gave me Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians "Shooting Rubberbands... " To this dai thei are both in mai top ten solo female singers.

  4. Very cool. I've got some Amos boots if you're interested. Or you could just link to this insanely complete live Tori archive:

    1. Dude, if you sent me a bunch of tori boots, do you even comprehend how much sex I will receive? Send send send!

  5. Only called in here today, so belated Happy Birthday to Angela. Hope you had a great day whatever you got up to. For what it's worth my wife is also known as 'Madam' (no e). Thanks Scot for all you do to keep this wonderful site going & to all the great contributions from everyone which have introduced me to loads of great music that I would never have heard of otherwise. All the best to everyone from this side of the pond (UK). SteveO

  6. My favorite artist ever. I have EVERYTHING!