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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I understand there is a remake in the works of this one......the movie and related mayhem played a part in my
earlier life, but we will skip that for right now, I know that this epic has MEGA-fans, so here are a bucnh of versions and extras and all kinds of'll love this one I am certain, you're welcome, anytime!

First up we have what I find the most interesting effort to me personally, the "International" "Rocky Horror Picture Show".....versions of the tunes from casts round the world......we also have "Songs From the Vault", a collection of rarities, certainly need to throw you the original soundtrack version (if you are a fan I'm sure you have it already, but, I try to be thorough), and an album of the show from the original Roxy cast.......

This is maybe MY Halloween contribution (last year, I do remember this too, I posted the kick ass creepy band She Wants Revenge for Halloween).......I'm sure Madame Angela will have some more stuff for me to post, as Halloween is her "big day", but for now, I hope the hell you dig this one, as always, I think variety first!!!!!!

INTERNATIONAL-01 MEXICAN CAST- Un Relato Bien Extrano Y Muy Pesado/02 NEW ZEALAND CAST-Dammit Janet/03 NORWEGIAN CAST-Allatid Hos Frankenstein/04 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-The Time Warp/05 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-Sweet Transvestite/06 PICTURE SHOW CAST-Sword of Damocles/07 NEW ZEALAND CAST-I Can make You a Man/08 MEXICAN CAST-Que Le Ha Pesada El Sabado/09 NORWEGIAN CAST-Muskellman Sangen (Reprise)/10 MEXICAN CAST-Toca Toca Toca Toca/11 PICTURE SHOW CAST-Once in a While/12 PICTURE SHOW AUDIENCE-Eddy's Teddy/13 PICTURE SHOW CAST-Planet Schmanet, Janet/14 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-Floor Show Rose Tint My World/Don't Dream It Be It/Wild and an Untamed Thing/15 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-I'm Going Home/16 AUSTRALIAN CAST-Super Heroes/17 MEXICAN CAST-Un Relato

SONGS FROM THE VAULT-01 THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW TRAILER/02 TIM CURRY-Baby Love/03 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Rocky Horror Radio Commercial/04 LITTLE NELL-See You Round Like a Record/05 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Belt You About the Mouth)/06 TIM CURRY-Just 14/07 SHOCK TREATMENT CAST-Denton USA/08 LITTLE NELL-Do the Swim/09 TIM CURRY-Biting My Nails/10 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Shock Treatment/11 LITTLE NELL-Fever/12 TIM CURRY-We Went as Far as We Felt Like Going/13 SHOCK TREATMENT CAST-Little Black Dress/14 LITTLE NELL-Beauty Queen/15 THE LAKER BAND-The Time Warp

SOUNDTRACK -01 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Science Fiction, Double Feature/02 BARRY BOSTWICK-
Dammit Janet/03 BARRY BOSTWICK-Over at the Frankenstein Place/04 LITTLE NELL-The Time Warp/05 TIM CURRY-Sweet Transvestite/06 TIM CURRY-I Can Make You a Man/07 MEAT LOAF-Hot Patootie/Bless My Soul/08 TIM CURRY-I Can make You a man (reprise)/09 SUSAN SARANDON-Touch A, Touch A, Touch Me/10 JONATHON ADAMS-Eddy/11 BARRY BOSTWICK-Rose Tint My World a) Floorshow b) Fanfare/Don't Dream It c) Wild and Untamed Thing/12 TIM CURRY-I'm Going Home/13 BARRY BOSTWICK-Super Heroes/14 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Science Fiction, Double Feature reprise/15 LITTLE NELL-The Time Warp (Remix 1989 extended Version)/16 THE CAST-The Time Warp (Background Track)

ORIGINAL ROXY CAST-01 JAMIE DONELLY-Science Fiction, Double Feature/02 ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Dammit Janet/03 ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Over at the Frankenstein Place/04 TIM CURRY-Sweet Transvestite/05 BRUCE SCOTT, JAMIE DONELLY, BONNIE ENTEN, & GRAHAM JARVIS-The Time Warp/06 KIM MILFORD-Sword of Damocles/07 TIM CURRY-Charles Atlas Song/08 MEAT LOAF-Whatever Happened to Saturday Night/09 TIM CURRY-Charles Atlas Song (reprise)/10  ABIGAIL HANNESS -Toucha Toucha Touch Me/11  ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Once In a While/12 MEAT LOAF-Eddy's Teddy/13 TIM CURRY-Planet Schmanet, Janet/14 TIM CURRY, BONI ENTEN, ABIGAIL HANNESS, KIM MILFORD, AND B MILLER-Rose Tint My World/15 TIM CURRY-I'm Going Home/16 ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Super Heroes

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