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Sunday, October 30, 2016

More of my seething RAGE (part 3/4)

Well, here are the rest of my RATM live boots, as I have told you they were  tremendous live act, all of
these here are worth your while to listen to......tomorrow, plenty of demos, collaborations and other surprises! Not much detail to add to these, except play these motherfuckers loud.

COACHELLA 4/29/07-01 Intro/02 Testify/03 Bulls on Parade/04 People of the Sun/05 Bombtrack/06 Bullet in the Head/07 Know Your Enemy/08 Down Radio/09 Guerilla Radio/10 Renegades of Funk/11 Calm Like a Bomb/.12 Sleep Now in the Fire/13 Wake Up/14 Intermission/15 Freedom/16 Killing in the Name/17 Township rebellion

GET UP STAND UP-01 Bulls On Parade/02 Vietnow/03 Bombtrack/04 Bullet in the Head/05 Killing in the Name/06 Freedom/07 Zapata's Blood/08 Without a Face/09 The Darkness of Greed/10 Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox/11 Wake Up/12 Take the power back

LIVE AT THE GRAND OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM- (note: I think this was a commercial release if I remember right)01 Bulls on Parade/02 Bullet in the Head/03 Born of a Broken Man/04 Killling in the name/05 Calm Like a Bomb/06 Testify/07 Bombtrack/08 War Within a Breath/09 I'm Housin'/10 Sleep Now in the Fire/11 People of the Sun/12 Guerilla Radio/13 Kick Out the Jams/14 How I Could Just Kill a Man/15 No Shelter/16 Freedom

JUSTIFY THOSE THAT DIE-AMSTERDAM-2/7/93-01 Wake Up/02 Settle For Nothing/03 Killing In
the Name/04 Freedom/05 Killing In the Name/06 Bullet in the Head/07 Killing in the Name (remix)

BIG DAY OUT-AUKLAND NEW ZEALAND 1/18/08-01 Testify/02 Bulls on Parade/03 People of the Sun/04 Bombtrack/05 Know Your Enemey/06 Bullet in the Head/07 Tire Me/08 Vietnow/09 Guerrilla Radio/10 Calm Like a Bomb/11 Sleep Now In the Fire/12 Wake Up/13 Encore Break/14 Freedom/15 Killing in the Name

GOTTA love this band (of course, if they (like Gang of Four) were "true" to their convictions, they chould have given away thier records for free........maybe I just missed that part, I dunno).....great live sets, adn remember, MORE good RATM tomorrow as I wrap this part up!

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