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Thursday, October 27, 2016

One if By Land

(scott) unfamilar with these Pennsylvania lads, but fair-to-good punk rock........carpet bombed it and it kept my interest, at least......kinda "same-ish", but damn, ya know PUNK ROCK's a decent one, from John N of course, and we'll post it just to see what the folks all think. Here's the write up that John N sent along with it:

Over the years, Fred Oakman has proved to beONE of the most consistently fantastic, emotionally open songwriters in our region. A Meadville native, Oakman fronted the progressive pop-punk band the Twirpentines. Doing the same with Signal Home, he found himself joined by Troy Messerall on guitar and Paul Dean on bass. Now, along with drummer Jim Stone, the quartet has recorded their first full length as One If By Land. The sound is still punk rock, mined from No Idea records bands and followers. They’re a band that shares a strong history, and they’re not afraid to examine it. Growing up has long been a theme for Oakman, and *Nobody Wants toLEAVE* draws upon the a similar biting sentimentality. It’s safe to say that anyone who grew up on PA punk shows will be emotionally affected by the chorus of “Reasoner.” Raw, driving, and introspective, the album is a cathartic resolution, strong from front to back. The album rises and falls, ending epically with “Living Rooms and Basements.” Recorded by Messerall in his home studio, the sound is thick and balanced, powerful and sensitive. - Nick Warren

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