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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Next Batch of Madrugada

(scott) I have really liked what I have heard of from this outfit (John N submission, see yesterday)......John N
originally told me he found them somewhat Doors-like and I can see that, sort of a Doors with the 60's influences removed and replaced by modern-day alt/grunge sensibilities.

Anyway, next in line are the next batch of releases as I have them.....from 2001, an EP entitled "A Deadend Mind", which also includes an odd "4-track country songs"....not exactly my thing, but rare I'm certain.
From the next year comes "Grit", (which also contains a selection of bonus singles.) "The Deep End" was the next full length (2005), and believe it or not this is a deluxe edition as well with additional tracks, and finally, for tonight, we have a self-titled effort from 2008......again, let me state my admiration for these, in particular the Doors/Music Machine (I hear them in there too) influence, and I am especially fond of the lyrics as well, in general, hope you all are enjoying THIS series!

A DEADEND MIND EP-01 A Deadened Mind/02 Vocal (Acoustic Version)/03 View From a Hilltop
(demo)/04 Fast Blues For Little V/05 4 Track Country Songs Part 1/07 4 Track Country Songs Part 1a/08
 4 Track Country Songs Part 1b/09 4 Track Country Songs Part 2a (Filthy McNasty's Whiskey Cafe)/10 4 Track Country Songs Part 2b

GRIT-01 Blood Shot Adult Committment/02 Ready/03 I Don't Fit/04 Madrugada/05 Seven Seconds/06 Proxy/07 Come back Billy Pilgrimm/08 Get back in Line/09 Majesty/10 Try/11 Got You/12 Love's Institution/13 Got You/20 Seconds of Silence/(Hidden Track) Love's Institution

SINGLE #1-01 Ready/02 Zebra/03 I Feel Hard/04 Movin Up

SINGLE #2-01 Majesty/02 7 Seconds (live)/03 I'm Not Afraid (live)

THE DEEP END-01 The Kids Are One High Street/02 On Your Side/03 Hold On to You/04 Stories From the Street/05 Running Out of Time/06 The Lost Gospel/07 The Elektro Vakkum/08 Subterranean Sunlight/09 Hard to Come Back/10 Ramona/11 Slow Builder/12 Sail Away/13 Life in the City (ltd. Edition Bonus Track)/14 I'm In Love (Ltd. Edition Bonus Track)

MADRUGADA-01 Whatever Happened to You/01 What's On Your Mind/02 The Hour of the Wolf/03 Look Away Lucifer/05 New Woman New Man/07 Highway of Light/08 Valley of Deception/09 Honey Bee/09 Our Time Won't Last That Long/34 seconds of silence/Untitled piano instrumental


  1. deadend

    grit and singles

    the deep end

    self titled 2008