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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oh, why not? Pretenders 2016

I LOOOOOOVEED the first three Pretenders albums, saw them live three times, loved the band, and, of course, Chrissie's (my Buckeye Homegirl) stellar vocals and GOD "The Pretenders" and "Learning to Crawl" were fantastic, among the greatest albums of the 1980's......anyway, I have NOT been a huge fan of the music that Ms. Hynde has delivered since then (1983)........("I'm not the kind I used to be, I got a kid, I'm 33)........well, Chrissy for sure aint no 33, but neither am I......I am gonna carpet bomb this thing "Alone" quickly........John N submits this one, and let me give it a QUICK carpet bomb listen.......

Well, I checked surprise here, my babydoll Chrissie still has them pipes.....obviously, the original Pretenders would sound better, but I've always been a sucker for The Pretenders and especially Chrissie Hynde......this is a fair enough album, no classic, not even close......but GOOD if you are a Pretenders have at it, it really IS worth your while, and I really was not going to post it if I deemed in unworthy........thanks to John N for another great submission!

ALONE-01 Alone/02 Roadie Man/03 Gotta Wait/04 Never be Together/05 Let's Get Lost/06 Chord Lord/07 Blue Eyed Sky/08 The Man You Are/09 One More Day/10 I hate Myself/11 Death Is Not Enough/12 Holy Commotion

I was (honestly) all prepared not to like this one.....but actually, it's good, and reminds me a good bit of those early Pretenders albums......Chrissie still has that sexy, hard-assed voice/attitude, and I still love it/her! Go Chrissie.....good album, glad it's here, and remember it's new, and what that means, but it's maybe the most SURPRISINGLY good album I've heard in a while. Enjoy, and I LOVE YOU CHRISSIE (always have!)

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