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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another Non-musical submission for your approval

(scott) Foreign correspondent Studkid, who, luckily for him living outside the USA, doesn't REALLY have to put up with the Presidential Election nonsense as much as we yanks do, BUT he is aware enough to send us a podcast, evidently mocking the whole thing (DESERVEDLY SO).......thanks man, haven't heard it yet but I will.......

I have really never spoken much about politics on this site, figuring this likely wasn't the best place, and besides, alot of the readership is located outside the USA and probably don't care.....but when someone from outside our borders realizes how comical and farcical the entire thing has been this year, I HAVE TO post that submission!

There can be NO positive outcome from the upcoming election. Period. Likely the BEST CASE scenario (really) is Mrs. Clinton for four years, and then ONE party find SOMEONE at least partially acceptable....Mr. Trump, no matter your feelings on him, is NOT going to be elected, that is pretty much a given in my eyes.....and I am far from a fan of Mrs. Clinton,, we can hold our breath and hope for the best, while the rest of the world laughs at/makes fun of us.......doing so, secure in the knowledge that "we" (Americans)
FULLY deserve it, for allowing things to get to this point.

Here is Studkid's complete email, and as always, thanks for the submission!

The Election for President is a Cirkus for Dane like me, and it remind me about a podcast I listen to some years ago. After some search I have found it.
Frank Conniff (co-writer/actor on Mystery Science Theater 3000, writer/actor/producer on Sabrina the Teenage Witch + plus more) has made 4 podcast under the name Podhouse 90. One of them is 

A radio play of the election of a new wizard of Oz. I think its hilarious. The other 3 podcast is also funn, and can be found here:

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