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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clark Hutchinson

Yet another of those wonderful early 1970's bad ass hard psych albums, the predecessors of modern eday stoner rock.......Clark Hutchinson is fairly standard hard blues-psych, for the era, but I do still love this stuff and always will....they made a couple of other albums, but this is the one that I happen to have, so here you be......NOT a "great" one, but a good enough one that I post it on my other words, it is hard edged, hard rocking, early 1970's rock n roll, the kind I know that is a PASSION of mine, so I give you another slab of it......ROCK ON MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!

RETRIBUTION-01 Free to be Stoned/02 After Hours/03 In Another Way/04 Best Suit/05 Death the Lover

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