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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Madrugada Part 3

(scott) More of John N's complete works of Madrugada.....everything thusfar has been awesome, and these
should be no exception.

Want to apologize a bit for somewhat slacking this week, a lot of "stuff" going on, hopefully next week I can get back to the way I like to do things, 6-8 posts a day, for a few more days it'll likely be 3-4 a day......sorry, but ALL submitted work (as long as it's worthy) WILL be posted eventually, so keep sending it!

BEST OF MADRUGADA DISC 1-01 The Kids are On High Street/02 7 Seconds/03 Look Away Lucifer/04 Belladonna/05 Blood Shot Adult Commitment/06 Higher (Digital Remaster)/07 Beautyproof (Digital Remaster)/08 Black Mambo/09 Salt (Digital Remix)/10 Stories From the Streets/11 I Don't Fit/12 Majesty (live)/13 You Better Leave (live)/14 All This Wanting to Be Free (previously Unreleased)

BEST OF MADRUGADA DISC 2-01 What's On Your Mind/02 Hold On To You/03 Strange Colour Blue (digital remaster)/04 Vocal (digital remaster)/05 Hands Up-I Love You/06 Majesty/07 This Old House (digital remaster)/08 Lift Me/09 Honey Bee/10 Electric (digital remaster)/11 Quite Emotional/12 Step Into This Room and Dance For Me/13 A Deadend Mind/14 Sail Away

TRACKS FROM COMPS, ETC-01 Four Track Country Songs Part Ia/02 Four Track Country Songs Part Ib/03 Four Track Country Songs part IIa (Filthy Mcnasty's Whiskey Cafe)/04 4 Track Country Songs Part IIb/05 Caravan/06 Don't Let Em Bring You Down (live)/07 Don't Let the Flowers Down/08 Slip Inside This House/Strange Colour Blue

Not that you'd care, but "Slip Inside This House" by the 13th Floor Elevators, is one of my VERY fave songs ever written.....haven't heard the cover yet but simply cannot wait......hope they do it justice!

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  1. best of D1

    best of D2