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Sunday, October 30, 2016

One Day as a Lion

Petty Vendetta submts in the midst of all this Rage-related stuff, "One Day As A Lion", this trio features Zack de la Rocka, John Theodore on drums, and Joey Karon on keyboards........hey, this is a fine release, I'v heard it before, and it's kind of a rarity, and ita certainly fits in with the RATM theme of late....thanks  million to Petty Vendtta for this one!

ONE DAY AS A LION-01 Wild International/02 Ocean View/03 Last Letter/04 If You Fear Dying/05 One Day as a Lion!BRcAnnT87/ixsx-odaal-odaal-08-rar Daps 

A good submission, this is the kind of think I want to see here!

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