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Friday, October 28, 2016

Stud kid with more Madrugada & My Midnight Creeps

(scott) WOW, never figured on getting MORE Madrugada, let alone a side project-type of thing, but here it is complimenats of Studkid.......he's another valuable contributor here, as I'm sure you know by NOW, and athis is a FAB submission that nicely piggybacks the magnificent John N Madrugada submission! *sorry no track lists, perhaps to come later)

I do not if John N's Madrugada output is finished, but I have some demos and a live disk.

Burås (guitar) died in 2007, and that was the end of Madrugada. But, before he died,
he had just finished recording the 2nd album with his own band My Midnight Creeps.
My Midnight Creeps is garage rock'n roll. 2 albums here.

Sivert Høyem (singer) is stillACTIVE. His solo's is has a kind of sing-songwriting feel to it. Høyem discog. 

Sorry, for the rushed upload. But use it as you like

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