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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Some more random Playboys, 1967-1980

I think (not sure) that after I get past 1980, my collection is a bit more comprehensive, but I am not
sure.....anyway, for now, here is a TOTALLY random collection of the issues that I do have from between 1967-1980......Playboy was probably the greatest magazine of all time, it saddened me that that they stopped with the naked women (blaming the internet? come the fuck ON.....if I live to be 200 years old, thre will NEVER EVER be "too many" naked women on my radar.......anyway, are the classic issues that I've discussed, and there are more to come, as I said, greatest mag of
all time when it was at its peak......the last batch was surprisingly more popular than I assumed it might be, hopefully the rest of these will be as well.....OH MY GOD, I remember 1972 (I think) Playmate of the Year Liv Lindeland......first time I'd ever seen a blonde pussy, and my life was changed forever! Anyway, I don't THINK I have that one, and it's a good thing.....see I've got a torn rotator cuff in my right arm, and, well, never mind. It's about time for baseball playoffs, isn't it?


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