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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Brian's Latest Cover Project Masterpiece: Slayer "Reign In Blood"

I've been trying to make the last two months covers-heavy (this makes project #6 since August 1st). Thought this one up in a few hours. I really like it.

Reign In Blood is an all-time classic, the most influential metal album besides Sabbath's Master of Reality. I've been listening to it for at least twenty five years. My favorite version was the cassette, which had the complete album on both sides. I'd flip that fucker again and again. My own copy - by some occurrence - got blood all over the insert; that only made it cooler in my book.

Given how seminal it is, I figured I wouldn't have trouble finding covers, and I was right. What proved difficult was making the end of the album work. Again, Jonder came to the rescue through editing. Thanks, man... sorry it took so many versions!

I don't want to break it all down for you. Suffice to say, all the bands do the original songs justice. This is a good metal sampler, too; several different subgenres are represented. And Y'know, I wanted to call my comp Covered In Blood.... but that title has already been used for a Slayer tribute. Dammit! In fact the only track here from a tribute album - Crowd Deterrent's "Reborn" - comes from that compilation.

1. Liers In Wait - Angel of Death
2. Malevolent Creation - Piece By Piece
3. Antropofagus - Necrophobic
4. Revocation - Altar of Sacrifice 
5. Crusher - Jesus Saves
6. Edge of Sanity - Criminally Insane
7. Crowd Deterrent - Reborn
8. Criminal Element - Epidemic
9. Havok - Postmortem 
10. Vader - Raining Blood

Got some good Halloween goodies coming, too.


  1. Superb stuff.
    Have you seen Ice-T bodycount's rehersals:-

    I Have a complete 18 tracks of covers of the song 'Raining Blood' by Slayer if you would like to add it to your blog

    1. Dae13mon-Scott here, yes, it would be great to have that album to supplement Brian's project, send it in when you get a chance. And, as I point out once in a while, it's much better for everyone if you send any submissions to my email,, rather than posting them in the comments sections......thanks to all who submit material to the blog

  2. (Brian)
    I - for one - would rather have something like that in a link here in comments if it directly pertains to the project at hand. Are you the same guy who offered on the Joy Division/New Order covers post, too?

    I want to say regarding having so many versions of one song - it's not usually my thing. I often go through an amount like that selecting the one for the given comp, being really selective. That's why my comps never have multiples unless they are used as bookends.

    Thanks for checking it out.

  3. Hello Brian, No, I am not the Joy Division guy..yes there are a few hits and misses on artists covering the same track, and whilst I have followed Slayer for some time, listening to the Raining Blood riff over and over and over may cause you to switch off. But someone may have a lightbulb moment and want to check the artist out..which is what I have done through your submissions and indeed this Scott's blog. Thank you for putting the covers together.