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Monday, October 31, 2016

My RAGE Subsides (only a BIT)

Winding up a week or so worth of Rage Against the Machine stuff, today focusing on odds and ends, this
should have some interesting nuggets in here for did everyone enjoy the live sets, I told ya they were smokin'......anyway, various types of things today, I do think you will love these as well.......continue to fight the power!

First up, a fairly obscure set of studio demos, with some not-so-well-known tracks, such as "In House Drive By:, "Microphone is the Threat" and more. Recommended for fans/completists."Live and Rare is a mish mash, mostly random live tracks, also studio versions of "Darkness" and "Clear the Lane"......again, for fans who want to hear EVERYTHING.

One of my faves is the "Collaborations" disc, the boys team up with NWA, Tool (!), Beastie Boys, Chuck D.......this is a good one, highly recommended.......I've got "Unplugged and Rare", got some good ones on it as well, kind of cool to hear such angry songs done unplugged for a change, kind of funny even. Someone gave me this one, I think, and the label is wrong, I am going to print the song titles AS THEY APPEAR on the label, keep in mind they are great if some dedicated fan could straighten that up for us......

Finally, "Miscellanious Rarities", another grab bag, but some stuff I have nowhere else, say, "Medusa", "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal" and more........this is fine, and rare stuff, and, just to stir up trouble, I wonder if ONE person will criticize me for "promoting" thier "hateful" left wing politics (not hateful? "Bullet in the Head", huh?) when they were so quick to criticize me for posting hateful rightwingers. Answer: No, not ONE will.

STUDIO DEMOS-01 Bombtrack/02 Take the Power Back/03 In House Drive By/04 Genocide/05 nGet Down/06 Township Rebellion/Know Your Enemy/08 microphone is a Threat/09 Killing in the Name/10 Autologic/11 In the Narrows/12 Freedom

1996 LIVE AND RARE-01 Bullet in the Head (live)/02 Settle For Nothing (live)/03 Bombtrack (Live)/04
Freedom (Live)/05 Intro (Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos)/06 Zapata's Blood (live)/07 Without a Face/08 Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox(live)/09 Fuck tha Police (Live)/10 Darkness/11 Clear the Lane

COLLABORATIONS-01w/CHUCK D-Zapata's Blood/02 w/NWA-Fuck that Police/03 w/OTHERS-lection USA/04 w/OUTKAST-Bombs over Bahdad (remix)/05 w/SNOOP DOG-Snoop Bounce/06 w/ZACH DE LA ROCKA & DJ SHADOW-march of Death/07 VS/PRODIGY-One Man Army/08 VS/SHAGGY-Boombastic/09 w/BEASTIE BOYS-Bulls on Parade vs The New Style/10 w/Tool-Know Your Enemy

UNPLUGGED AND RARE-01 Take the Power Back/02 Testify/03 Bombtrack/04 The House of Rage/05 Hadda Been Playing on the Jukebox/06 People of the Sun/07 Darkness/08 Bombtrack/09 Killing in the Name/10 Bullet in the Head/11 Know Your Enemy/12 Bullet in the Head/13 End of the Tunnel/14 Bombtrack/15 Take the Power Back

MISCELLANIOUS RARITIES-01 Darkness of Greed/02 Clear the lane/03 Fuck tha Police/04 Free Mumia Abu-Jamal/05 Star Wars Industrial March/06 Bombtrack (acoutic remix)/07 Bullet in The Head (DJ Jinx Remix)/08 CIA/09 Killing in the Name (Bass/drums remix)/10 Medusa (Demo)/11 Take the Power Back (Live)/12 Roll Right (remix)/13 Producer/14 Reaction 105/15 No Shelter/16 Settle For Nothing (Live)/17 Narrows/18 Autologic

I am kinda proud of this one, I think it's pretty comprehensive, and, mostly, contains a ton of great

music.......Rage  was  a great band for a short while, they were destined to combust, but in the meantime, they sure were PISSED OFF, noone could argue that.........anyone with any other Rage rarities is more than welcome and is invited to share!

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