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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hooten Tennis Club

(scott) OK, ladies, I bet ya don't know this one (A John N submission)........Hooten Tennis Club's second album "Big Box of Chocolates" is here, and I really don't know if it's "officially" released yet or not, but, I've hard it, and of course I like it, why you think it be up here?

Like everything else, I started a carpet-bomb listening trek, then when I discovered it really was something I was really down with, I checked the whole thing, it's pretty fucking fab, and I do recommend this one.....latter-day power-pop/slacker rock, and it works fine for me......this is their second disc, I bet one of you fab people have thier debut, I bet it's cool, but this one is as well, take THAT to the bank.......OK, so looking for their first album, as i really do like the second one, it's pretty damn good! I am glad that my team members can send me stuff like this that I've never heard of, and if it tickles my ears just right, I'll pass it on to you......simply stated, this is how we LEARN about new music, spend MONEY on new music, etc......we just have to HEAR it first! Sorry that is so hard for some folks to comprehend......

BIG BOX OF CHOCOLATES-01 Growing Concern/02 Bootcut Jimmy the G/03 Bad Dream (Break Down on St. George's Mount/04 Sit Like Ravi/05 Kati-Annie Bellis/06 O Man, Won't You melt Me/07 Statue of the Greatest Woman  I Know/08 Meet Me at the Molly Bench/09 Lauren, I'm In Love/10 Frostbitten in Fen Ditton/11 Lazers Linda/12 Big Box Of Chocolates

Well, I really enjoyed this one as's new, so you know what that here is the story, grab it now, just in case......and if you like it (I think it's fucking fab), please try to thank John N for the submit, plus all the extra work the man does, he is a machine!



  2. This is really really good