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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Latest Jon S Submission: Warehouse

(scott)-This is a band that I am TOTALLY unfamiliar with, all I can say before hearing these is Jon S does
not steer us you know what I WILL be listening to tomorrow!.......Thanks Jon S, keep them coming, ALWAYS great!

Warehouse is a band from Atlanta. They just released their second album, Super Low.


01 Figure in Bronze/02 Derivative/03 Mental Faculty/04 Heterochromia/05 Euphrates/06 Omission/07 Succession/08 Gravitational Lens/09 Erosion/10 Promethean Gaze

Super Low

01 Oscillator/02 Exit Only/03 Simultaneous Contrasts/04 Arbitrarium V/05 Super Low/06 Audrey Horne/07 Reservoir/08 Long Exposure/09 Modifier Analog/10 Garden Walls

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