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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Garage-Fuzz, Part 3

These have been quite popular thus far, like I said previously I HAVE posted these before, but likely I did
not break them down this way......and this way (smaller samples) seems to work better for the listeners/readers.....thus we present 50 or so tracks from "brought to you" by the letter "C".......I know this thing is big and awkward, but there is INCREDIBLE music in this torrent, and, fuck, at least Scott still cares about ya, this is my own post, rather than a submission......anyway, we will get through this whole thing, might take a while, but, some totally badass shit.....and we've got some fab submissions for today also, from Jon S, John N, Cliff, Brian.......what more could you want? The fucking World Series starts tonight, and what am I doing but fucking around with this blog-type thing? Feel loved, as I do it all for YOU!!!!!!!!!!

PART 3-01 CAL RAYE-I Cry/02 CANADIAN ROGUES-Keep In Touch/03 CARVELLES-Lovin' Just My Style/04 CARETAKERS-East Side Story/05 CATFISH NIGHT & THE BLUE EXPRESS-Deathwise/06 CAVEMEN-It's Trash/07 CENTURIES-I'll Cry For You/08 CHANGIN TIMES-How Is the Air Up There/09 CHANGIN TYMES-Blue Music Box/10 CHANGIN TYMES-Go Your Way/11 CHANGIN TYMES-The Only Girl I Love/12 CHANGING TIMES-Near You Babe/13 CHANGING TIMES-You Make It Hard/14 CHAPARALLS-I Tried So hard/15 CHASERS-Inspiration/16 CHATEAUX-Reference Man, Part 1/17 CHEETAHS-Russian Boat Song/18 CHENTELLES-Be My Queen/19 CHEROKEES-Little Lover/20 CHESSMEN-You Can't Catch Me/21 CHICKS-Rebel Kind/22 CHILDREN- I Can Feel It Now/23 CHOCOLATE BALLOON COMPANY-Gotta Get This/24 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Half Peeled Banana/25 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-The Chocolate Moose Theme/26 CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/27 CHRIS ALLEN & THE GOOD TIMERS-My Imagination/28 CHRISTOPHER & THE SOULS-Diamonds, Rats, and Gum/29 CICADELICS-We're Gonna Love This Way/30 CIRKYT-That's the Way Life Is/31 CIRKYT-Yesterday We Laughed/32 CLEASE-The Weird One/33 CLIMAX-You, I/34 CLOCKWORK ORANGE-Your Golden Touch/35 COLORS OF NIGHT-C-O-L-O-R-S/36 CORDS-
Ain't That Love/37 CORPORATION-You Make Me Feel Good/38 COUNT FIVE-Pretty Big Mouth/39 COUNTDOWN FIVE-Elevator/40 COUNTDOWN FIVE-Uncle Kirby/41 CRESENDOS- Now She's Mine/42 CROCHETED DOUGHNUT-Get Out Your Rock N Roll Shoes/43 CRUSADE-Psychedelic Woman/44 CRYSTAL CHANDALIER-Suicidal Flowers/45 CRYSTAL EMPIRE-Emotion/46 CRYSTAL RAIN-Hey Ma Ma/47 CRYSTAL RAIN-You and Me/48 CULLS-Suzie Q/49 CURTIS KNIGHT & THE SQUIRES-Hornet's Nest/50 CYNICS-Baby What's Wrong/51 CYNICS-Cry, Cry Cry/52 CYNICS-No Way/53 CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin'

To me, this set is stunning......FAR more obscure than the normal "Nuggets" sets (which of course I love as well, NO disrespect intended) I've said before, I don't even remember from where I acquired this monster, but DAMN is this shit the fucking bomb or not? When I originally burned them to disc, I know it took over 15 discs, likely more than that, but this is an incredible set that someone painstakingly compiled, and it is worth every second that they spent.......we are only up to "C" and LOOK at all the amazing, LESSER KNOWN tracks you have already heard......I love this stuff, hope you guys do as well.

World Series pick? I favor the Tribe (NOT coz I'm from Ohio, I am a longtime Royals fan), because I just have a feeling the Cubs are gonna "pull a Cubs" matter, whomever wins, it will be a long time coming for that franchise/team.....imagine, the Tribe vs. The Cubbies......glad I don't CARE who wins it, as it is a series of historical significance.

Enjoy the music, and the World Series!


  1. "PART 3" (part 1)

    "PART 3" (part 2)

    I HOPE that made sense, sorry if confusing.

  2. what is the password

  3. I let this go by the first time, because I'm an idiot.

    Not again! Thanks!

  4. WoW! I had to get a new computer and most of my shit was
    lost, so BIG THANKS for these posts !

  5. Can't open these .rar.Z01 or files (for parts 1 & 2 respectively)