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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Davey Allen and the Arrows

Now, here is a GOOD one......I posted this back in the blog's days of infancy, so I may as well let all of you
late-comers have a taste of this great performer......If you don't know, Davey Allen and the Arrows specialized in fuzzed-up, psyched-out instrumentals from the semi-legendary biker movies of the mid-late 60's......his sound is almost immediately identifiable, you'll see as soon as you slip it on, you've heard it before, likely several times, just may not have known it......

OK, REALLY like these albums, and if you are new to them, you are most welcome, because at least myself, I find these slabs to be FUCKING ROCKING and ahead of their time (and this is stated by someone who IN GENERAL doesn't always enjoy instrumental rock.....sometimes it works, such as surf music, and here (biker music?) and sometimes it fails badly.....anyway, this stuff is fucking gold, you WILL love it, hard rocking as hell and the PERFECT score for those biker films of the 60's.......this is TREMENDOUS music, so there you be......dig the fuck out of it, because THIS IS THE SHIT, right here.....

FUZZ FEST-01 Chopper/02 Malfunction in Sector 9/03 Six-String Highway/04 Helldorado/05 Open Throttle (Alternate take)/06 Experiment in Terror/07 Angel Dust/08 Party/09 Gunslinger/10 Frantic/11 Emergency/12 Metal Fatigue/13 Polycarbonate/ 14 Corridor of Fear/15 Chopper (Alternate Take)/16 Open Throttle/17 Roswell, NM

OBSCURITIES, 1965-68-01 Scratchy/02 The Chase/03 Blue's Theme/04 UFO Theme/05 The Stompers
and the Souls/06 Pete's Orgy/07 Thunderball/08 Invasion/09 Blue's Trip/10 Mind Transferrer/11 The Ghost Story/12 The Devil's Rumble/13 Cycle-Delic/14 The Young World Fuzz Theme/15 The Checkered Flag

I don't know what you think of the directions this blog has gone in in the last year or so....I rely a LOT more on guest contributions, which has worked out well......but, sometimes, I drag out some stuff that I posted here likely before you were aware of our existence, and a LOT of them need reposted, and the definition of that are these Davey Allen a TON of hits/DL's 3-4 years ago or whenever it was, and I hope it is popular this time as well........this is a pair of time-worn classics, if unfamiliar, you owe it to yourself to be down with these. Trust me they are GREAT

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