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Thursday, October 20, 2016

More Halloween goodies, from MD Milner

(scott) haven't heard from MD Milner for a little while, but he comes back strong with these fab Halloween efforts (read his email below for details), and ALSO adds a home made "live version" of "Dig Me Out", on of the (many) greatest albums from my favorite (current) band, Sleater Kinney!!!!!!!!!

Love all submissions always, and especially ones that involve the great Sleater Kinney.....but the Halloween stuff here sounds pretty damn interesting as well, and as I know many of you have already checked out Brian's latest masterwork (his Halloween Project), you most likely will be into this classic submittal as well......thanks millions to MD Milner (especially for the SK, from a semi-selfish standpoint (the best tune off of "Dig Me Out", "The Drama You've Been Craving", simply seethes when done live, always thrilled to hear another version!), ), and everyone, PLEASE send in any Halloween related submissions you can find.....since I am currently in love with a witch, chances are good her that Madame Angela and myself will cook up something for that big day for her in the next week or so!

Hey Scott,

I have a couple of Halloween albums I think you and your readers might dig.

The first is something called "The Purple Knif" show. It's a radio show hosted by the one and only Lux Interior, sometime in the early 80s around Halloween. Lots of weird 50s/60s rock and Lux weirdness. You've probably heard of it before (I sometimes get the impression you've heard everything!). But it's cool stuff, I break it out around this time every year.

The second's a weird little thing I found online a while back. It's a spoken word record by Vincent Price called Odyssey. It's a few ghost stories, some tall tales and even something about the Woodstock Festival. I guess it was meant for radio stations? There's an ad for Best Western Motels in every track. It's still wildly entertaining.

Oh, and because you and I are both big Sleater-Kinney fans, here's something I did for another blog I think you'll dig: I recreated Dig Me Out using live versions of all the album's songs. (Let me know if you're going to ever re-up some more stuff of theirs/Heavens to Betsy/Wild Flag!)

OOPS, forgot that MD ALSO submitted a live show from The Breaks, from whom I posted an album yesterday....this is NOT a download link, it is simply a streaming link, so you can listen to it if you wish 

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