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Friday, October 28, 2016

Just in Time For Halloween, Some 45 Grave!

I made this album years ago, it's 45 Grave's "Sleep In Saftey" as well as a bunch of bonus tracks from other albums I pasted on there......I mean this was WAAAY back when I first started making CD's and the like, so if the song titles don't line up with what is "supposd to be there", sorry, I fucked up.......but there is plenty of great horror/punk here from the awesome 45 Grave, if the track lit is inaccurate, sorry, it's still a fab listen!

SLEEP IN SAFETY/01 Insurance From God/02 Evil/03 Party Time/04 Violent World/05 Slice O' Life/06 Phantoms/07 Dream Hits II/08 Bad Love/09 Surf Bat/10 Riba Flavin/12 45 Grave/13 School's Out/14 Party Time (Single Version)/15 Take Five/16 My Type/17 Dream Hits/18 Death March/19 Fucked By the Devil/20 Black Cross/21 Anti, Anti, Anti/22 Concerned Citizen/23 Eye