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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Intelligence

(scott) I'm going to wrap this up with another John N submission, The Intelligence 2015 release "Vintage Future"......I know VERY little about them, but I think the album sounded decent enough when carpet-bombed, really, I am not prepared to review this entire album, but I will say I did enjoy it the first time I listened to wave/punk/alt/grunge whatever, it's an enjoyable album for you to listen to......enjoy it and thanks to John N!

VINTAGE FUTURE-01 Sex/02 Nocturnal Admissions/03 Cleaning lady/04 Whip My Valet/05 We refuse to pay the dues/06 Platinum Janitor/07 Tourists/08 Dieu Merci pour la Fixation de la Machine a Coudre/09 Romans/10 Vintage Future



  2. this John N cat is one cool music dude -- he's got all the cool links! this band is from Seattle and has the guy from that terrific band A FRAMES & THEE OH SEES, and another guy who used to be in THE SHINS. after hearing this, I gotta find me some more of their stuff. Thanks for sharing

    1. same guy replying to myself: I don't mean ALL the cool links, I meant a lot of cool links -- other contributors, and Scott, too, provide lots of cool stuff, too. I was just saying that this last round was really cool to my ears. So, OF COURSE I like all of the contributors' giving things, which is the reason I like this blog (and its blogger for sharing them) so much