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Friday, October 21, 2016

Madrugada-part 1- a NEW John N Super-submit!

(scott) Link-king John N sends us a band that he seems quite fond of (I am nearly totally unfamiliar with them
other than what I have sampled here). This was, though, from what I've heard, a very good, blues bassed alt-rock band from Norway......let's examine their career in a few parts, as I said, what I have listened to so far has impressed me, let us see what you guys think.

Their first release was 1999's "Industrial Silence", presented here in deluxe 2-disc edition. John N first introduced me to them as being somewhat "Doors-like", and I find that to be true, in particular the vocals, which are really unique, and the creepy music that kind of looms in the background.....I really enjoyed this album (thus far the only one I've completed, but, yeah, this could be a (much) lattter-day Doors......I like it much, so we'll be investigating all of their stuff slowly. Both discs of this debut are worth your time.

I'm going to give you another double disc effort too, "The Nightly Disease", which is a somewhat similar effort, but still stacked with some pretty good material......check "City Blues" from disc 2......pretty cool.

John N sens me interesting stuff, no one could possibly argue's enjoyeable for me to get to know "new" (20 year old!) bands, ones that I missed before.......and THIS is no question one of them. How they weren't at least somewhat big on the US alternative scene I'll never know, bit this is great stuff, and (you know John N), I have a LOT of it to get to you......I'm just gonna spoon feed ya, cause I'm learning, myself, but over the next week or so, we'll have an education on this band. I really do like this, this dude is a vocalist that I think is totally excellent, and the band are no slouches either, let us know what your opinion is!

INDUSTRIAL SILENCE DISC 1-01 Vocal/02 Beautyproof/03 Shine/04 Higher/05 Sirens/06 Strange Colour Blue/07 This Old House/08 Electric/09 Salt/10 Belladonna/11 Norwegian Hammerworks Corp./12 Quite Emotional/13 Terraplane

INDUSTRIAL SILENCE DISC 2-01 Wheelchair/0 Move/03 Sweet Simone (Live Demo)/04 Strange Colour Blue (alternate)/05 Highway 2.000.000/06 Oceanliner/07 The Riverbed/08 Tonight I Have No Words For You/09 1990/10 I'm Life's Wonderful Way of Letting You Down/11 Bill Skins Fifth/12 Mother of Earth/13 Legends and Bones/14 Step Into My Mirror/15 Hush Sleep Tonight (Demo)/16 Shine (Demo)/17 I'm In Love With You/18 This Must Be the Song That Will Pay My Bills (Demo)

THE NIGHTLY DISEASE DISC 1-01 Black Mambo/02 Step Into This Room and Dance For Me/03 Nightly Disease Part 2/04 Lucy One/05 Hands Up-I Love You/06 A Deadend Mind/07 The Frontman/08 We Are Go/09 Into Heartbeats/10 Sister/11 Two Black Bones/12 Only When You're Gone

THE NIGHTLY DISEASE DISC 2-01 City Blues/02 Lost Gospel/03 California (Athletic Sound Demo)/04 Ice-9/05 Ready to Carry You/06 View From a Hilltop (Demo)/07 Fast Blues For Little V/08 4-Track Country Songs Part 1/09 4-Track Country Songs Part 2/10 I'm Sorry/11 Thrasher (Neil Young)/12 Come On Home to Me/13 Local Norma Jean (Demo)/14 Stop the Beats (Demo)/15 Nightclub (Hands Up-I Love You) (Demo)/16 If I Only had My Guitar/17 Lord, Why Have You Left Me/18 Departure #6/19 Lift Me (Demo)

I really like these and think this will be a fun ride, investigating the rest of them, and there are quite a few......once again, way to go John N!


  1. nightly DISC 2

    industrial DISC 2

  2. industrial disc 1

    nightly disc 1

  3. SO COOL! the DELUXE editions with all the EPs and b-sides and stuff! THANKS! And yeah, they have a Doors-y kinda feel here and there, with touches of Crime and the City Solution and Nick Cave, also. From what I was reading, they sold at platinum levels in Europe, but not in the USA. That happens, but shouldn't. They also one the equivalent of Grammy's over there numerous times, so apparently they aren't slouches in that level either. I also read that Kid Congo Powers (of the Bad Seeds, Gun Club, Pink Monkey Birds, etc.) played with them on stage when they did Gun Club covers, so if that's an influence, then YEAH MAN!

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