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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Breaks

Every now and again I like to break out those unknown/forgotten 1980's new wave/pop-rock bands, I especially, myself, enjoy the female fronted ones.....and here, from 1983, we have the self titled LP from The Breaks.....this is a really overlooked one, perfectly in line with the sounds of the era, and seriously underrated in my book at least......PLEASE check this one, it's a fine period piece, but also a DAMN fine forgotten will dig this one I think.
Don't Mislead Me/

THE BREAKS-01 She Wants You/02 You Stole My heart/03 Don't Mislead Me/04 Fire in the Wire/05 Green Eyes/06 Wishy Washy/07 I Play the Fool/08 Lonely Girls/09 Keepin' the Love Alive/10 The Last to Know

Good album, if you happen to be a fan of forgotten 80's new-wave pop/rock.......better than some that hit it big in my opinion, at least......



    1. Could you kindly repost the link?


  2. Hey,

    Cool stuff. I was looking them up and came across this live Breaks show from 1983, I think it's streaming only but it's still cool: