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Friday, October 28, 2016

Wrapping up John N's Massive Madrugada Submission

(Scott) this has been a good one, I've been hipped to something with which I was unfamiliar before, it's really
cool stuff, thanks to John N......the world, I don't think, will EVER run out of new/different music, despite the terror felt by the music industry.......if they would only understand that blogs such as this one are there to HELP them......but never mind, it won't some live material (and the like) today from this way cool band.....

LIVE AT THE KNACK KLUB, BERLIN, 3/20/00-01 Vocal/02 Strange Colour Blue/03 Venus In Furs/04 Sirens/05 Belladonna/06 Higher/07 Electric/08 Beautyproof/09 Salt/10 Highway 2.000.000/11 Norwegian Hammerworks Corp./12 Black Mambo/13 This Live House/14 Wheelchair/15 Carry Home

THE BLACK SESSIONS 2000-01 Terraplane/02 Vocal/03 Strange Colour Blue/04 Higher/05 Beautyproof/06 Salt/07 Norwegian Hammerworks Corp./08 This Old House

LIVE AT TRALFAMADORE 2005-DISC 1-01 Hard to Come Back/02 Majesty/03 You Better Leave/04 Strange Colour Blue/05 On Your Side/06 The Kids Are On High Street/07 Seven Seconds/08 Mother of Earth/09 Running Out of Time/10 Black Mambo/11 Sometimes I Feel Like a
Motherless Child/12 Sail Away    DISC 2-01 Blood Shot Adult Commitment/02 Black Mambo (Terror Mix)/03 Only When You're Gone/04 Lift Me

LIVE AT NALEN STOCKHOLM 2008 DISC 1-01 Whatever Happened to You/02 Hour of the Wolf/03 Look Away Lucifer/04 Belladonna/05 Strange Colour Blue/06 Highway of Light/07 Majesty/08 Honey Bee/09 Funny Thing/10 Seven Seconds/11 Valley Of Deception/DISC 2-01 Vocal/02 Caravan/03 What's On Your Mind/04 Only When You're Gone

Tons of thanks to John N for all the work that goes into these mega-posts, they border on amazing! This is yet another fantastic one........


  1. knack 1

    knack 2


    live tralf part 1

    live tralf part 2

  2. live stockholm

  3. the Tralfamador disc is really good, and some of the songs are better than the studio versions. I looked at and it says that the Gun Club cover they played in the show had Gun Club guitarist Kid Congo Powers guesting on stage, and also on another song. The name Tralfamador refers to Kurt Vonnegut's fictional planet and the people who inhabit it, so the live album is outta sight.