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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My own Garage-Fuzz Torrent deluge!!!! (Part 1)

OK, I have posted this before, maybe a year or so ago, but this is tremendous.....a HUGE torrent that contains an unbelievable amount of classic 60's "Nuggets"-style good ol' alphabetical order, as the creator of the torrent decided would be best, so w'll go through a few letters at a time until we get through them (I don't THINK that's the way I presented them last time, but I honestly do not recall)....this is GREAT fucking music, no doubt, and I'm sure a LOT of ya will be interested, so enjoy.....this is Part 1, several more Parts to come!

GARAGE-FUZZ PART -01 7 DWARFS-Stop Girl/02 49TH PARALLEL- Citizen Freak/03 49TH PARALLEL-You Do Things/04 AARDVARKS-I Can't Explain/05 AARDVARKS-Subconscious Train of Thought/06 ADRIAN LLOYD-Lorna/07 ALADDIN & THE GENIES-Please Wait For Me/08 ALL OF THIS-It's All Right With Me/09 ALLIANCE-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone/10 ALLMAN JOYS-Spoonful/11 ALLUSIONS-Where have All the Good Times Gone/12 AMBERTONES-I Can Only Give You Everything/13 AMOS BOYNTON & THE ABC's-The ballad of Bertha Glutz/14 ANGRY MEN-The Hullaballoo/15 APOLLOS-Target Love/16 APOSTLES-I'm a Lucky Guy/17 APOSTLES-Stranded In the Jungle/18 APPLE-GLASS CYNDROME-Someday/19 ART GUY-Where You Gonna Go/20 ASCENSIONS-All Alone/21 AZTEX-I Said Move/22 AZTEX-The Little Street In This Town

LOTSA more chapters of this one to come, I will disperse them slowly, or 2-3 a week.......this will be a phenominal series, for fans of this type of thing, and I know many are, so here you be....get yo freak on!



  2. Would love to see all the chapters here. Thanks Scott

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