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Monday, October 31, 2016

The NEXT part of my garage fuzz post

Letter "E" shouldn't be THAT hard to get through, so lets see what we can accomplish here......I want to
make certain that anyone who missed this fab torrent before makes sure that they grab it this time, (hopefully in something of an easier format) is the LATEST part of this totally fab garage-fuzz post!

01 EDGES OF WISDOM-The Past/02 EIRIK WANGBERG-Every Night I Dream a Little Dream/03 ELASTIC PRISM-Time Change/04 ELECTRAS-Action Woman/05 ELECTRIC LOVE-This Seat is Saved/06 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Hideaway/07 ELOIS-By My Side/08 ENDD-Project Blue/09 ENGLISH MUFFINS-Leave or Stay/10 EPIC FIVE-I need Your Lovin'/11 ERA OF SOUND-Girl In the Mini
Skirt/12 ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS-Gratefully Dead/13 ERIK & THE SMOKE PONIES-I'll Give You More/14 ERNIE & THE EMPERORS-Got a Lot to Say/15 ESCAPADES-Mad Mad Mad/16 EVIL ENC. GROUP-Hey You/17 EVIL ENC. GROUP-The Point Is/18 EXOTICS-Come With Me/19 EXOTICS-I Was Alone/20 EXOTICS-Queen of Shadows/21 EXPEDITION TO EARTH- Expedition to Earth/22 EXPEDITION TO EARTH-Time Time Time/23 EXPRESS-Wastin My Time/24 EXPRESSIONS-Return to Innocence



  2. hello, maybe this will work. i'm a regular here and much appreciate your blog and music. any chance to re-up the complete shaggs offering? your link is dead. left a comment the other day at shaggs but nobody saw it, i guess. i bought philosophy years ago, but really want to hear the second. just got and reading new book on chris wood from TRAFFIC. fantastic tome that took ten years to write. listening to flying lizards and stooges of late. thank you for your time. r. keith noble