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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Here is maybe the only Spys album, they might have made two, I don't know.....this one "Behind Enemy Lines" is pretty damn good though, typical of the power pop of the mid 1980's.......this album is REALLy smooth, glossily hard rocking, and if you missed out on it the first time, might be one "for you" if (like me) you have spent many years dissing the music of the early 80's (and we SHOULDNT do that, all eras/scenes have their definite charms)

BEHIND ENEMY LINES-01 Rescue Me/02 Midnight Fantasies/03 Behind Enemy Lines/04 Sheep Don't Talk Back/05 Reaction/06 Heartache/07 Race Against Time/08 Younger Day/09 Can't Stop Us Now